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Kung Fu Canvas

Started Jun 13, 2018


Full course description

This course is a GREAT place to start learning Canvas or to fine-tune your existing Canvas skills! 

What you'll learn:

  • Setting up your account in Canvas
  • Basics features for teaching with Canvas
  • Using Content pages
  • Creating assignments
  • Understanding the grade book
  • Using discussions
  • Using quizzes
  • Organizing your course
  • Grading with SpeedGrader
  • Communicating in Canvas
  • Using outcomes
  • Using rubrics
  • Using quiz banks
  • Using course analytics
  • Importing content into your course
  • Installing and using apps
  • Staying up-to-date through release notes

About this Course:

 Intended Audience

 This course is intended for teachers in a K-12 environment. It will also be beneficial for anyone who will be creating a course, for example, school and district administrators as well as course designers.


This course is designed to help teachers learn how to use Canvas effectively in brick and mortar classrooms AND on-line learning environments. If you are an on-line instructor, please note that while the course will refer to 'classrooms' the content applies to on-line environments as well.


Professional learners (teachers) in this course will watch videos, use Canvas documentation and participate in discussions to learn and apply that learning to their classroom.  Along the way, teachers will earn Kung Fu Canvas belts (badges) to demonstrate their accomplishments.


The content of this course compiles material from 3 primary sources: Canvas Video Guides, FastTrack videos and the Canvas Help Guides.  All of these resource are available at any time, in any sequence in the Canvas Community.  This course simply takes these resources and arranges them in a sequence that is easy to follow and apply in the K-12 classroom.

 Time Needed

Each belt (module) contains about 45 to 65 minutes worth of videos or reading. Plan on 1.5 to 2 hours per belt to watch the videos, try the things that are demonstrated in the videos and reply to discussion questions.

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