RMIT Designing Effective Programs

Started Nov 21, 2018


Full program description

RMIT’s Program Principles were authored to ensure all programs offered align to the student journey, and place the learner, teacher and industry at the centre of the creation and delivery of contemporary educational experiences. The Program Principles assist academic staff in their reflective practice and continuous improvement by ensuring contemporary pedagogies inform the holistic design of a program, contextualised for the discipline, to meet the expectation of the modern learner to be ready for life and work.

RMIT Designing Effective Programs is a ‘program’ of courses to enrol in that rely of the academic’s existing practice and expertise to be combined with various materials and activities to help them uplift and transform the student experience at RMIT. The program includes the following courses which provide capability building materials aligned to each principle:

  • PDP 1: Transformative Experiences

  • PDP 2: Coherent Experiences

  • PDP 3: Authentic Assessment

  • PDP 4: Learning Activities

  • PDP 5: Learning Resources

  • PDP 6: Technology Tools

  • PDP 7 Industry Relevance

  • PDP 8 Social Interactions

  • Program Design

The final course, Program Design, contains the formal assessment which academic staff can undertake. The assessment requires you to demonstrate your application of the RMIT’s Program Principles in a professional context to transform student experience. It is therefore recommended that you review the capability building content in the eight principle courses, that provide guidance and resources on how to action a principle in your program, prior to attempting to complete the assessment.

The Program Design course and submission of assessment is the only formal requirement for gaining the “Program Design" badge. All other courses in RMIT Designing Effective Programs contain materials and activities that are not compulsory but identify opportunities for implementing transformation.

Navigation of Program

RMIT Designing Effective Programs is offered as a Catalog Program. Once you enrol into the program you will see the full list of “Requirements”, or courses available, as part of the program.

For RMIT Designing Effective Programs, there is no need to complete the courses in a specific order, therefore you will see all courses have a “Begin Course” button. You must begin each course listed in the program from the Catalog dashboard, in order for them to be available in Canvas dashboard.

Please ensure to click the “Begin Course” button on each course listed in the Catalog dashboard for this program, to then allow you to easily navigate between those offered to access the materials direct from your Canvas dashboard.