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Assessment rectification project

Started 30 Jun 2020


Full course description

This course includes three video series that will cover: 

  • streamlined and non-streamlined UoC structures
  • interpreting assessment conditions of a UofC
  • ensuring assessment methods meet knowledge and performance criteria of a UofC
  • matching the AQF level to delivery and assessment of a UofC
  • the gap analysis process for ensuring that assessment tasks and mapping documents meet UofC requirements and conditions
  • providing recommendations and actions to address gap analysis findings
  • writing an assessor guide to meet your target audience
  • the different components of an assessor guide and what is included in each (i.e., resources requirements, model suggested answers, assessment criteria, marking guides, rubrics, and appendices).

In this course, you will be asked to watch the three video series and complete two quizzes at the end to help you gain a deeper understanding of the short course material. 

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